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lilo.conf problems

I am having problems configuring lilo to dual boot to debian and
win98.  I have two hard drives:
Primary /dev/hda, one partition, /dev/hda1 = win98 boot FAT32 3.2Gb
Secondary /dev/hdb, two partitions, /dev/hdb1 = linux boot 4.0Gb

Am I having problems because I didn't make root fit in the first 1024
sectors?  I can use lilo to boot to linux on /dev/hdb1, but lilo won't
boot to dos.  Dos will boot with a dos floppy though, and "sys C:"
fixes the messed up DOS MBR, erasing lilo and restoring /dev/hda1 MBR

"lilo -v" produces:
LILO version 20, Copyright 1992-1997 Werner Almesberger

Reading boot sector from /dev/hda1
Merging with /boot/boot.b
Mapping message file /boot/message.boot
Boot image: /vmlinuz
Added linux *
Boot other: /dev/hda1, on /dev/hda, loader /boot/chain.b
Added dos
/boot/boot.0301 exists - no backup copy made.
Writing boot sector.

Here is lilo.conf

boot = /dev/hda1
message = /boot/message.boot
default = linux
vga = normal			# normal 80x25 text vga mode
delay = 20
timeout = 100

## Image section for Linux
image = /vmlinuz     # image file
  label = linux		     # boot prompt label
  root = /dev/hdb1	       # linux root mount
#  install = /boot/boot.0301
#  map = /boot/map		# linux boot map
  read-only				# mount read-only to run fsck

## Image section for dos
other = /dev/hda1	# other image name
  label = dos
  loader = /boot/chain.b	# chain loader on primary drive
  table = /dev/hda		  # dos partitional table



  Nicholas W Kopan
  Win9x and Office97 Corporate Trainer, Online Services
  Java-based Inventory System Development, Online Data Systems
  Computer Engineering Undergraduate, Lehigh University
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