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Day planners?

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    OK, now that I have X up and running on my laptop I am now looking for
decent day planner software.  So far all of the offerings I have come
across, plan, ical, xcal, fall short.  Plan looks quite good, except on my
640x480 display some of the windows are too large to fit on the screen.
Xcal, well, we won't go there.  Ical also looks quite nice, however, again,
some of its screens are too big for my screen.  Right now, the most usable
is ical.

    What I am looking for is something that is comparable to Sidekick's day
planner function on Windows.  A todo list with priorities, an hourly day
planner where functions can be marked as "checked off", a *VERY* flexible
recurring set which allows for items to be extended, etc.  X or console,
either way is fine by me.

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