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RE: Debian

At 11:39 AM 3/11/99 -0500, Person, Roderick wrote:
>Are you sure your mailing the right list or am I just missing the question.
>Are you looking for an app to help design badges and pins or are you looking
>for a Debian logo or something all together different?

The way I read it is that he is looking for donations of the actual
clothing/uniform.  The return for this is that we are able to put the
Debian logo onto these uniforms so that Debian is advertised every time one
is worn.

Sounds reasonable (depending on cost) given the lastest lot of discussion
on promoting Debian but no matter what the cost it's still out of my league.


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>> Sent:	Thursday, March 11, 1999 11:29 AM
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>> Good Day.
>> My name is Martin Feldt an I am a study at media and communicatios at
>> the mid-university of Sweden.
>> The students in Sweden has a sort of a "national costume", a plain
>> workers
>> overall. The idea is to embellish it with textile badges and pins.
>> The more the better!
>> So my questions to you is if you maybe could give me some.
>> That would be of interest both for you and me, because I would be
>> eternaly
>> greateful and for you because I help you to show your trademark.
>> If that is not possible I thank you for taking the time to read
>> this mail.
>>  Best regards Martin Feldt
>>  Gronborgsgatan 13:49
>>  852 37 Sundsvall
>>  Sweden
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