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Problems with X locale.


I`ve done an upgrade to X, using apt. I am using a mix of slink
and hamm and a touch of potato.

Now, some applications like window-maker  (0.51.0-3) and gnome (1.0.1) gives the
following warning:

Warning: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C

Everything works well if I don't set the locale variable LC_ALL=pt_BR. I have
installed wmaker-gnome from potato and gnome deb`s from Jules Bean directory. I
know that they alpha, so this may be some problems with this packages. An
radical example is WPrefs which simply doen`t run.

Any hint?


Paulo José da Silva e Silva   <rsilva@ime.usp.br>
Ph.D. Student in Applied Math. 
University of São Paulo - Brazil

"May the code be with you" :-)

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