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Re: Apt 0.3 lost ftp-method ???

*- On  8 Mar, Andy Spiegl wrote about "Apt 0.3 lost ftp-method ???"
> Hi,
> after installing gnome-apt (with the necessary packages from potato)
> onto my hamm system, apt seems to have lost the ftp method.  When
> I try "apt-get update" I get:
>  E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/ftp could not be found.
>  Exitcode 100
> What happened?  Is there any cure except downgrading?

apt 0.3.0 is an experimental version.  The ftp method has not been
incorporated into this experimental version.  So if you need ftp you
have to use the stable version of apt 0.1.9.

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