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Re: Compiling Kernel

> Hi,
> I am going to compile the kernel again as the first attempt
> apparently didn't suceed. My users manual describes
> the steps as follows. Is this correct?
> 1. change to directory /usr/src/linux
> 2. make config

Or, if under X, make xconfig.
Which is a GUI, lets you jump from one section to another without having
to cycle through everything.
> 3. make dep ; make clean
> 4. make zImage

Or make bzImage, depending upon how many things you want to include in
your kernel. There is a size limit on uncompressed kernel, before it
becomes unbootable, and you have to use bzImage (compressed kernel).

> 5. make modules

If you have any modules to make, that is.

> 6. make modules_install

Same as #5.


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