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Re: ppp

olet@debian.org wrote:
> >-servis@purdue.edu
> >
> > *- On  5 Mar, Ole J. Tetlie wrote about "ppp"

> > > I'm having a little trouble with ppp. Everything seems normal 
> > > until the line with "Hangup". I don't know why that happens.

> > Are you using PAP or CHAP authentication?  It looks like the type of
> > behavior I had when I had my authentication wrong.
> PAP on both ends. debug is on, but it doesn't seem like anything
> is sent at all.

Maybe this is too obvious to suggest, but could it be that the ppp module isn't
being loaded or that you forgot to recompile your kernel 
with ppp support?  I think what you described is exactly what happens
when ppp isn't compiled in.

I once recompiled my kernel 3 or 4 times (on a 486!), thinking I had
got the options wrong, when I'd just been messing up the part where
I re-ran lilo.  D'oh!


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