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RE: file creation dates and SAMBA

It does that because that's the way windows works.  The file creation
times are kept on copy.  Samba probably doesn't do anything.  The copy
program (xcopy, copy, explorer, etc.) probably sets the timestamp at
the end of the copy.

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>Subject: 	file creation dates and SAMBA
>Problem occurs when somebody copies files from a Windooze-machine to a
>filesystem which resides on a Linux box (debian-alpha), SAMBA writes the
>file creation date to be the date the file was originally created, not
>when it was copied. I hope somebody would know why this is, I don't...
>Another problem with alpha-Linux, when I create a file from other Linux
>macihe through NFS, the files on alpha are owned by nobody.nogroup. This
>is a 'feature' of alpha-macine I think, but is there a way to get round
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