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Problems using vfat mounts as ordinary user

I have been slowly moving from Windows95 to Debian Linux. For the past
several months, i've been using root as my everyday login. i know that's
a bad idea, but to get me started it seemed the simplest way. now i feel
comfortable enough using Linux and WindowMaker to switch from root to an
ordinary account. Among the problems i've encountered is this one: my
vfat drives (/dev/hda1 and /dev/hdb1) are read-only to me as an ordinary
user. these drives are mounted on startup by the following lines in my

/dev/hda1      /cdrive         vfat      rw,user,errors=remount-ro  
0     1
/dev/hdb1      /cdrive         vfat      rw,user,errors=remount-ro  
0     1

As root, the mounts are rw; but as an ordinary user they are ro. any

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