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Re: User Directories

In a message dated 3/3/99 12:25:43 AM Central Standard Time, yobb@home.com

> What do I have to do to move my user directories to a different
>  partition/drive?  I have looked around but I can not find what file (?)
>  that user info like home directory is stored.

All home directories are stored in the /home directory (with the exception of
the root's home dir in /root).  Those are the directories you'd need to copy. 

>  	Also I was wonder what the most dependable way to mount a drive on boot
>  was?  Can you do this with in a standard '/etc/rcX.d' file or with the
>  kernel or something?  When my machine boots one of the messages that
>  comes up is 'not mounting anthing . . . ' (or something like that).  I
>  know I could do it by putting a mount /dev/hdXX in my /etc/profile file
>  but I get a feeling there is a more system smart method of doing this.

Drives mounted at boot time are identified by /etc/fstab.  


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