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Kernel compilation

I have the Debian HAMM distribution with the 2.0.34 kernel. My network
works fine when I use the kernel that came precompiled with the CD.
However, when I try to "roll my own" it stops working. The network card is
still correctly detected on bootup, but I get these messages when the
network configuation runs:

ifconfig reports:
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable.

route reports:
SIOCADDRT: Operation not supported by device.

Which kernel compilation option am I missing off that I should be
including? Can anyone help?

For information, the network card is a standard PCI NE2000 (Netvin NV5000,
to be exact). Like I say, it's definitely possible to get it working
because it works with the default kernel! I want to get this sorted out so
I can upgrade to kernel 2.2 with some confidence it'll work.

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