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Re: Debian and Redhat - are most linux users missing the point?

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999 pat@patoche.org wrote:
> On 28-Feb-99, Mark Brown took time to write :
> >> 3) No documentation on how to load/use the original programs that loaded
> >> when installing.  That is, can I load again the program that allowed me to
> > Hmm...  This problem seems to apply to all the distributions I've tried. 
> > They have a nice menu in the installer, but not once you've installed.
> > You could try looking at the boot-floppies package source to see if you
> > can figure out where it comes from.  You could also try asking the
> > maintainer.
> the program used during the installation to deal with modules is called
> modconf and is available after installation in /usr/sbin

Thanx, now I know about it I'll go and modularize a _LOT_ of my kernel, I
only use some of the thing irregularly and I'd rather not have a 820k
kernel if I could help it :)
> Hope this helps.

It has.  Thanks.

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