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Help..can't delete broken links, directories et all!!

Hey guys,

Finally have the perfect Linux box for me and what happens!? My two year 
old unplugs the Box while I'm getting coffee (she's in hacker training)!!

Anyway, now I a gig or more of broken symlinks, directories and files.
Most are in /usr/lost+found but some are in /usr/lib/* and /usr/man.
Problem is I can't delete them. I have tried to rm -f, delete using
midnight commander and renaming the files! Nothing works is tells me
operation not permitted. I've tried to chown and chmod nothing!
Now I am a newbie to linux, but I am logged in as root. I don't
understand, I thought root was god! Broken links must be satan!
So now certain things on my box are not functioning fully or correctly!

Roddie Rod

'Man is the greatest cancer ever to be seen'
    -Entombed 'Contempt'

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