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Re: konfiguration einer soundkarte

As far as I can understand, you are wondering about the sound card
configuration of MAD?
Well, I don't have that card, but on the basic level that works for
soundcards that are pnp:
1. Go into windows and get settings from there, such as COM port, IO base,
2. Read documentation on sound drivers in /usr/src/kernel or where you
have the source installed.
3. Get isapnp and create isapnp.conf for your sound card 
(the procedure on how to make isapnp.conf file, if you don't know how to
do it, is described on my page at members.tripod.com/AnSIv
It's for modem, but the idea is the same)
4. Compile kernel to include support for your card with parameters you
need as a module.
5. Boot with new kernel, and then insmod the sound module.

Hopefully that helps,

 Andrei S. Ivanov                  
 UIN 12402354                      
 http://members.tripod.com/AnSIv   <--Little things for Linux.

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