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Re: xcdroast

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Robert Rati wrote:

>Error: Some or all Generic-SCSI-Devices are missing.
>Please create first the devices. Run "./MAKEDEVICES.sh"
>in the xcdroast-0.96e directory.

A few days ago I had the same problem. You find  MAKEDEVICES.sh in the source
code of xcdroast, just untar xcdroast-0.96e.tar.gz.

>My CD-R has SCSI ID 6, but the kernel doesn't appear
>to be finding it at all.  I have scsi disks and scsi cd-roms included in
>my kernel and I run kernels 2.2.1.  Anyone have any ideas to try?  
You have to select generic Scsi Support in compiling a kernel.

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