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not a plain file - apt install with dselect

Hello Debian Land,

I am upgrading from Hamm and have come across a problem with
using apt method of installing the new packages.

I am installing the frozen distribution from ftp.mcc.ac.uk using
the apt method of dselect.  I installed apt via the instructions
in the updatepackages/Readme file on the ftp site.

I have 95% of the packages installed, however it seems that apt
wont install the files its fetched untill it has all of them.  I
can understand this.  However apt is having problems getting a
few of the files.  See the error message below.

Is there a problem with apt, the ftp site or my installation? 
Any clues ??

264 packages upgraded, 65 newly installed, 4 to remove and 0 not
Need to get 754k/149M of archives. After unpacking 29.1M will be
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
Get ftp://ftp.mcc.ac.uk frozen/main dpkg-http [13.0k]
Error ftp://ftp.mcc.ac.uk frozen/main dpkg-http
not a plain file.

John Stevenson, Objective Alliance: www.oa.nl
"Its grip'd, its sorted.."

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