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Re: PCMCIA cards fail under 2.2.1

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Paul Nathan Puri wrote:

> I just rebooted my new 2.2.1 drive on my laptop.
> Where my bios is set to defaults (i.e., PnPOS), it locks up
> at boot.  When I change my bios settings to enable serial port, and 
> enable parallel port it boots up, but gives the following warning:
> cs: warning: no high memory available!
> cs: Request Window [something something]
> When pcmcia-cs attempts to detect my modem and nic it fails.

Is the kernel 2.2.1 very different from 2.2.0 in that respect ? On my
laptop, I'm running 2.2.0 and PCMCIA works perfectly. Though, I got the
latest pcmcia sources (3.0.8) and compiled the pcmcia modules and tools


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