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Re: Zip detection in Kernel2.2.0 Problems

On Mon, Feb 08, 1999 at 07:59:38PM +0000, Olafur Jens Sigurdsson wrote:
> On 07. febrúar 1999, Mauro Mazzieri wrote:
> > Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:
> > > When loading the kernel I get
> > > 
> > > ppa: Version2.03 (for Linux 2.2.0)
> > > Warning - no ppa compatible devices found.  My zipdrive is connected to
> > > my parallel port with the
> > > printer connected to the zipdrive.  I have had the zip for around 3
> > > years so I do not believe it is
> > > one of the newer types (plus my cable does not say autodetect).  Any
> > > ideas on what I might can try
> > > to get the kernel to read my parallel port zip drive?
> > 
> > The ZIP-howto recommend to compile ppa as a module. Also, you have to
> > select "Iomega ZIP for parallel port" as low-level scsi device.
> I think that the 2.2 kernel is supposed to be able to load both ppa and lp
> simultaneously so you shouldnt have to have it as an loadable module.

I have a zipdrive working with kernel 2.2.1.  I found it much easier
to get it working when I compiled the parport, scsi and zip support
directly into the kernel.  I believe I also had to enable the parport
autodetect feature, IIRC.  I have the lp support as a module.  At boot,
the kernel correctly identifies the zip drive but gives an error (no
disk), and also correctly identifies the HP printer attached to the
drive.  I'm using kernel boot params of 'parport=0x378,7
parport=0x278,5 lp=aut0' specified in lilo.conf with the append= 


Mike Merten
ICQ# 28460680

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