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RE: general protection !!! (kernel 2.0.36, updatedb)

On 06-Feb-99, Paolo Pedaletti took time to write :
> Hello,
> this is what happen when I run updatedb (always! after some time) (kernel
> 2.0.36)
> general protection: 0000

> Anyone with the same problem?
> Should I worry? ;-)

yes you should, if you're not running a development kernel (2.1.x)
if you're running a stable kernel, that means you have something wrong with
your kernel, which can be due to bad hardware

is it crashing only when running updatedb or in other cases.

give more details on your setup (hard & software), and try to read
/usr/src/linux/README which shows at the bottom how to 'debug' things like

good luck

Ps: own personal experience: i had a problem on a box with a totally stable
kernel and it was crashing badly at least once per day, *apparently* due to
in fact everything returned back to normal when i put only 16Mb of memory
instead of more, it was definitively a motherbios problem.


Patrick M.   pat@patoche.org    http://www.patoche.org/

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