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FW: ISP Startup Setup - Help Wanted


        I figures I post this help information to the user list due to huge
volume of emails passing though there.

        Okay... I going to need assistance on few things.  I am setting up 3
servers but I would appreicate some helpful guides and information to make the
setup run properly and make the maintainance easier.

        Here is the setup that I am going to do and need to make it workable
with Debian Slink 2.1

Web/Email Server
DNS/MUD/Shell Server

        What is the best and perferred method to setup this 3 servers to make
it look like it is one complete server from the user standpoint but it is in
reality three servers.  Reason is that we might be adding more servers as Web
Servers and we like to set this up so we can split the tasks among three to
make efficent usage of the system.

        Web/Email Server - It will be the webhosting for virtual hosts and for
webpages by our customers which they can access by ftp and uploading it into
their directory.

        DNS/MUD/Shell Server - We also like to offer the customers the shell
accounts as well by telnet and we like to move it over to the one central
computer so it can have better access to the processor without the Web, FTP and
Email to bog it down.  It will also house the MUD servers as well.

        General-Backup-FTP - It will house the FTP area for downloads, uploads
and other tasks and also to do the daily maintaniance of daily backups from the
Web/Email and Shell Accounts.

        So...what is the best configuration and what do we need to do to make
the system work smoothly over the fractional T3 line since we will be adding
more webservers as time goes by but that can be discussed later.  All tips,
information, and such is welcomed and needed.

Date: 30-Jan-99          Time:13:07:49
Russell Rademacher
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