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Re: reading /usr/doc files

Richard Hall <hall@ns.utk.edu> writes:

> Is there a tool for reading the oodles of documentation in /usr/doc, or do
> I just have to go in there, gunzip, and more?

The packages that come with documentation in formats supported by
browsing tools such as info or man install it in the proper places.
/usr/doc is for the kind of documentation that *don't* support
integrated general browsing systems (unless you call cd and ls a
browsing system :-)

You don't want to gunzip the compressed files, though. That would
require you to be root when reading docs. Just

$ zcat blahblah.gz | pager

I think all of the pager packages include a 'zfoo' command that does
this with a single command. Less does, at least:

$ zless blahblah.gz

Henning Makholm

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