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Re: Afterstep configuration.

> Hallo
> my name is Ingo.


> I have installed the GNU/Debian version 2.0.
> Now i have a problem with the X-windows system.

Which card and monitor do you have? 640x480 seems like either a pretty old
ISA card, or a very old monitor, or both.
Make sure you have the right settings....if you don't, get hte right ones,
it might get the resolution up.

> I have running the x-server but X didn´t start.
> There is only an error message on the textmode that call :
> no valid mode "480x640" installed
> But I have config the XF86Setup and Ihave select two modes (480x640) and
> (600x800) and 8bpp.

Rerun xf86config and when you get to hte mode screen, change the order of
modes to be from highest to lowest. This iwll ensure that the first valid
mode will be selected and it will give you the highest resolution
possible. Also....include 600x400 at the end, just to see at what
resolution you can run it, if everything else fails. You can cycle through
the valid modes once you start X.....and it's Ctrl +, or something like
that. It says at the mode screen.


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