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At 01:29 PM 1/26/1999 -0500, Michelle Coelho wrote: 
> Hi , I'm the person whose mail you'd replied to regarding whether I'd have
> problems 
> with my mouse since it wasn't plugged in at the time  of installing Linux... 
> Anyway now, I'm having problems with my modem. As you advised me, I bought a 
> 56k External modem. It's a Cardinal Connecta V.34. I plugged it into the
> serial 1 port 
> of my PC. Since the mouse is in the mouse port, which I assume is ttyS0, I
> configured 
> the modem for ttyS1. I answered all the questions as asked by pppconfig to
> the best of 
> my knowledge. Then I  quit the program having wrote all the files. At the
> command 

As a general rule, a mouse port is /dev/aux, and the serial ports would be
/dev/ttyS0 (COM1 in the DOS/Win world) and /dev/ttyS1 (COM2).

As a test, you can type
 echo ATDT[some_phone_number] > /dev/ttyS[0-3]
If you hear the modem dialing out, you've found the correct ttyS number. Then
you can type
 echo ATZ > /dev/ttyS[whichever_number] to hang up the modem.

Now configure your /etc/ppp/peers/provider file accordingly, and you should be
able to dial out.


I don't see if any of this will be of use, but I've given it just incase. I
wanted to buy a 
> 56k internal, but many people advised me against it saying that it wouldn't
> work on 
> my 486. So I bought a 33.6K internal modem..Do you think I should use an
> internal 
> modem instead of the external one..My ISP provides 56k speed. Also my ISP 
> provides PAP (I think ) since almost everyone who connects to it uses Windows
> 95 or 
> higher. Also, the modem came with some installation floppies for Windows
> (but, 
> then, what doesn't, nowadays??!), but this is not a Winmodem..at least it
> doesn't call 
> itself that. Will I have to write some chatscript or something??? 

So you have two modems? They might concievably be conflicting with each other,
if they're both configured to the same port/irg/etc. I'd use whichever gives
the best response (probably the external 56K, but not necessarily if your 486
has the slower UART chips on the COM card).

> If possible, please explain things to me in as much layman's language as you
> can...A 
> prompt reply would be tremendously appreciated. 
> Thank you so much. 

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