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Re: apt-get to upgrade from hamm to slink.

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Mark Phillips wrote:

> >   7) Safe inter-dist upgrades, rexx-slink, bo-slink, hamm-slink and others
> >      As well as making dselect safer to use for these upgrades should you
> >      choose to go that way (not recommended!)
> Why are you saying not recommended?  Are you saying that using the
> "apt" method in dselect is not recommended -- or just saying that
> doing a full upgrade using dselect is not recommended?

Dselect can ask APT to remove libc5 and install libc6 and apt will quite
happily try with a large warning. Unfortunately the only way to do that
destroys your system :> It is best to do a 'dist-upgrade' first to advoid
any such problem and then use dselect to fine tune things. This is
detailed in the installed notes


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