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Email server setup/configuration

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I am looking at moving our email server from NT to linux.  At the moment it
performs the following tasks:

1/ Monitors a series of virtual domains (ie abc.com & nowhere.com.au & ...)
   for which there are user alias that redirect to accounts elsewhere (ie
   info@abc.com might go to fred@aol.com).  All these domains have their main
	mx as the server in question.  Note, however, that their may be two info
	users in different virtual domains.

2/ Maintains a list server for different lists under the virtual domains (ie.
   abc-list@abc.com) - this can be changed to abc-list@lists.localnet though.
	I would like to add support for subscription confirmation etc (just like
	lists.debian.org does).

3/ Is the main mx for some domains, but routes the mail to a different mail 
   server after reciept.

4/ Forwards mail for the local domain to an NT exchange server, but I would
   like it to first check /etc/aliases so that linux users (like me) can have
	their mail delivered locally on the machine (so I don't have to use

What I would like to know is:

a) Can this all be done?

b) Can it be done easily or no?

c) What is the best mail-delivery-agent for this job?

d) What is the best list server (what does debian use)?

e) Can anyone give me some pointers for setting these things up?

I really, really, really appreciate any help/advice - I love using linux and I
really don't want to have to stick with NT.

Best regards to you all,

Chris Leishman


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