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Re: Kernel Compile

Pann McCuaig Writes..

> 2.0.34 works fine on our hamm boxes and I won't be upgrading kernels
> until slink is released and we (eventually) upgrade our boxes to slink.
> If you need features in 2.0.36 then you'll have to figure this out.

OK fair enough. Least I am a little wiser.

However, will someone please explain why other source code I have fails to
compile. I think it's all to do with /usr/include stuff. But why would these
work OK on 1.3.1 and not 2.0!

There must be a way to solve this! Or does running Debian 2.0 put you in a
situation where many source tree's are useless.

I have sat trying to recompile things today for the hell of it. And much of
the source I have is now shagged since I upgraded to 2.0 ! WHY !

I *COULD* under 1.3.1 grab source code from Sunsite (or the likes) and
compile it up with little or no problems. But not now. I have heaps of stuff
which just won't compile. Yet other stuff is fine.

It is all very confusing if you ask me.... and very very annoying.

I am (sorry was) forever compiling something, but since upgrading to Debian
2.0 my compiler (or something) has become broken.

There must be someone on here that can explain why !

The Debian FAQ says that I can still compile my old code OK after an upgrade
to 2.0. But I can't. WHY NOT ! 


Nidge Jones

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