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Re: LILO's now working(thanks!), BUT...


> faoho@ringamt.dk wrote:
> > 
> > No
> > The jumpersettings are hardware-settings. Take the harddisk out. Look at
> > it. Perhaps you can see
> > some small things, that can be moved. And an explanation to it printed
> > directly on the harddisk: Slave: one setting: Primary: another setting.
> > Usually it's easy.
>   Yes I know that but does this apply to SCSI drives too? I was told
> that
> it is the ID (only ?) which determines the boot in this case.

in SCSI-cases true, it's the id which determines the boot-drive
normally you could only boot from drives with id 0 or 1 (i know this
correctly from DOS, but not from linux)

IIRC this depends on the motherboard-bios which could only manage 2

(i don't know if board's with EIDE-controllers can handle 4 boot-drives)

until next mail ;)

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