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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V99 #62


What you will want to do is get Partition Magic, Norton Ghost or other
partition copying software.

I am assuming that you would like the configuration in Windows to stay
the same..

Plug new drive into a two connector drive cable as a slave (Don't forget
to re-jumper master if necessary) OR remove the smaller drive and
connect the newer one.  (Also remember BIOS setup changes if the drive
is not recognized and autoconfigured.)

Run the partition copying application from DOS or Windows. (You will see
the new drive even without partitions and formatting.) 

COPY the currect windows/debian drive partitions to the new drive. It
will take care of the formatting and such.

Swap around on cable and Test the new drive as MASTER.

Delete the partitions from the bigger old drive (windows/linux)

Then COPY the smaller old drive partition to the bigger old drive. (You
will need a two connector cable for this.)

Replace as in previous configuration for two drives.  This should keep
your Registry in tact.
During this process you will be able to leave the free space and
partition it for windows or Linux as well as grow your windows
partitions in the free space.  

You may be able combine your windows partitions if you would like.
(Depends on the software being used)  CAUTION this will throw off your
disk references to the D drive in the registry and INI files. 

Danny R. Gray
Research Technician
Department of Pathology
UNC-CH School of Medicine

> Subject: New hard drive
> Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 15:33:32 -0500
> From: Rich Lampe <rlampe@cybernex.net>
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> I broke down and bought a larger hard drive for my system.  My system
> contains windows and a partition for Debian.  I would like to copy
> everything over and then remove the older drives.
> Currently my master drive is split in half with  windows/debian(hda3)
> and I have another small drive as a secondary master (hdc1).
> I would like to have the new drive as the master and the only drive in
> the system and yes I have no backups other then doing it on floppies.
> Where can I read how to do this in the how to guide? It took me a while
> to get everything configured for debian to work properly - so I hope I
> don't lose it. Also if someone could recommend a good device to use for
> backups for Debian.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rich

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