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problem gunzip'ing WP8

I downloaded the GUILG00.GZ in whole and in sections from cdrom.com and
download.com today but I can't unzip them.  Gunzip says it the wrong
shark:~$ gunzip GUILG00.GZ 

gunzip: GUILG00.GZ: not in gzip format

ls -l shows:
shark:~$ ls -l GUILG00.GZ 
-rw-rw-r--   1 ian      ian      28641280 Jan 13 08:50 GUILG00.GZ

I've also tried it as root to no avail.  Am I missing something or are the
files corrupt? The only way to d/l them is through Netscape due to the
license thing.  Could somebody else d/l and try to unzip this file and
tell me what happens?


Ian Setford                                               ians@unt.edu

		PGP = F2 92 50 E3 CD D7 A2 D9  C4 CE 08 A6 98 E0 0F 58

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