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Debian goes big business? [was: Re: Suggestion for RedHat (was: RH vs Debian)]

clavoie@enter-net.com (Christian Lavoie) writes:

> > Please feel free to start up a company to sell Debian and generate
> > some income from this.  Any surplus can easily be reinvested in making
> > Debian and it's cause even more a reality.  Morals only can't buy nor
> > sell anything.  I *really* hope someone would stand up and found a
> > Debian company.  So if you think you can...
> I don't think Debian is usable to found a company on that. No company 
> can actually control Debian, impose release dates and such needed 
> things (for a company). Even if it's feasible, no company ever SHOULD 
> have such rights, for Debian to keep it's spirit.
You are thinking in the wrong traditional terms.  It's not about
controlling Debian or imposing anything upon anyone.  A company based
on Debian would need a different business strategy.  Just take into
account what a company like Cygnus is doing for free software!

A company basing it's business on Debian Linux should ideally be
composed of Debian people and would mainly care in making Debian known
as a viable product on the wider market.  Generated income could be
used to give full time jobs to Debian developers who could then fully
concentrate on Debian for a living.  This could probably help increase
the release frequency and would provide a financial framework for
Debian.  At the moment it's really a pity that mainly third parties
are generating income mainly for themselves and i believe we would
considerably benefit if a company would do the same specifically for
Debian.  Wouldn't you like to be paid working for Debian?

I'm no business person and don't have any clue about this sort of
thing but i sure would like to see somebody with the appropriate
knowledge found a company benefitting Debian like described above.
And i surely would like to work for such a company getting paid for
what i enjoy to do.
                                 Ciao, P. *8^)
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