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Mail, Kernel and X

i have recently had to reinstall Debian because i ran out of space on the /
Having used fetchmail to get mail from my isp my /var/spool/mail directory
was filled while getting messages (pop3). After the re-install i get
messages (using the -v option in fetchmail) that a number of messages were
not flushed and that smtp connection for the rest of the messages is
refused. I think this may be because i have a 'half' message on the server.
Any suggestions.

I am using icewm set to 640*480 mode but it does not look correct on my
screen . I have tried ^+Alt+numeric -/+ to adjust this but cannot do it. My
monitor is old so i dont know the exact specs, and i have specified a
generic VGA card in the config (16bpp). I'm not sure how to adjust this

I also wish to compile my own kernel (make xconfig) but because i dont know
the specs for my vid card, monitor and sound card (soundblaster 16 clone i
think) will i run into trouble?

Help much appreciated.
Stephen Lavelle

Austanners Wet Blue Pty Ltd.
~ Australian Tanned Wet Blue Leather ~
110 Heales Road,
Lara, Geelong, Australia

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