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Re: Re:[Fwd: Installing debian with Win98][OT?]

Hi David, agreed - I've become so used to HTML mail readers that I
forget everyone isn't using one.  I was in too much of a hurry it
seems to get it on the internet and my geocities space was the only
space accessible from behind my firewall here at work.  I will put it
on my Debian logo site @ http://www.cyberhighway.net/~gsinglet/ as
soon as I can and put a thumbnail / link to it.  I'm also cautious
about spamming the list with references to my websites.  I suppose I
was also _assuming_ that anyone interested in a '9x startup screen
would be using one of those so called operating systems at the time
and most don't use Lynx, Elm or Pine under '9x.  Thanks for the
reminder and my apologies to all.

Regards, G.S.
---David Wright <d.wright@open.ac.uk> wrote:
> Quoting Gary Singleton (gsinglet1@yahoo.com):
> > Yep, or just shift+click on the link.  I just did it real quick
but it
> > would be cool to modify as a shut-down screen with a phrase
> > like 'It is now safe to boot into your _real_ OS'.  Or something. 
> > This may be getting off topic and since the list is already
> > busy...
> I think their response might be that they don't have a link to
> on: they have a URL written on some screen (or even a piece of
paper). The
> URL ought to point to a page of HTML with the binary file's name as
a link
> within it.
> But I like your unintended smiley (albeit upsidedown) in the
original posting:
> > root directory (C:\).
>                  ^^^^^
> Cheers,
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