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Re: compiling a kernel

Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:
> >> "M" == MallarJ  <MallarJ@aol.com> writes:
> M> Is there a way to find out what options the current kernel has been
> M> compiled with?  I don't want to miss anything or add anything that
> M> I don't already have and won't need.
> If you use a kernel made with kernel-package or one of the
> kernel-binary Debian packages, then the config is saved in /boot/
> Also the .config file may be in your old source tree.

Hi Martin

I'm about build a new kernel for new hardware, so I won't have a .config
that says anything about my hardware in my source tree. I too do not want
anything superflouous nor to miss anything.  How do I set the
configuration here?

The new machine is from Tiger. I has a K6-2 350, 512K L2 cache, 128 MB
SDRAM, 10.6 Gig ide HDD, PS/2 mouse, serial/paralled, and K56 FAX/Modem,
monitor, video is generic 1280x1024 AGP 8MB, not (likely) accellerated. MB
is a 100 MHz gigabyte super socket 7, Yamaha wave table sound on board. 

So how do I determine the various configuration details?  As you suggest,
I intend to use my current configuration and make some guesses as to
necessary changes.  

Please advise. 

--David Teague dbt@elentari.cs.wcu.edu
Debian GNU/Linux: Because reboots are for hardware and kernel upgrades.

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