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version control systems

Summary: can anyone recommend a good multi-user version control system
with Windows and Unix support, that runs in an acceptable time on a WAN,
which supports binary files?

cvs almost fits the bill, but I need to store Delphi source files in it,
half of which are binary. I would also like a Windows front end for some
of our users, but that's not essential.

I use ClearCase at work. I like the feature set, but $4000 per single
user license (US), with no Linux support? No thanks! Perforce (perforce.com)
is $600 per user and they have Linux client and SERVER support. That's a nice

Obviously free software is preferred, but a good commercial solution is
acceptable. The server software MUST run on Linux; we don't have any
centralised NT servers. If CVS can do binary files, that's an option.

I don't really need file locking, just version control.

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