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Suck/INN Configuration Problem: Can't Post

I'm running Debian 2.0 and am using suck/inn to pull a small newsfeed from my
ISP's news server. Fetching articles works fine, posting doesn't.

If I don't include a line in /etc/news/newsfeeds for my remote ISP, nothing
gets posted remotely. If I do include a line in newsfeeds, everything that
gets fetched by suck is reposted by rpost (called from
/usr/sbin/get-news.inn) back to my ISP resulting in my ISP's news server
rejecting them as duplicates.

How do I get inn to stop putting references to every article it receives from
suck (via innxmit) in /var/spool/news/out.going so that rpost won't try to
post it back to my ISP?

Obviously, attempting to repost every article I receive isn't going to make me
any friends at my ISP!

Here's the line from /etc/news/newsfeeds:


Any help will be appreciated.

Jerry Gardner        | "Bill Clinton has all the steely resolve resolve
w6uv@hotmail.com     | of a kamakaze pilot on his 37th mission."

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