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Debian and Cyrus IMAP server

Has anyone installed the CMU Cyrus Imap server? I am having a hell of a
time running the ./configure script because of a tcl problem. Here is
the output of the script: (I am running it with the
--with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.0 switch on by the way)

checking if tclsh knows where tclConfig.sh is... no
checking for a tclConfig.sh in likely places... unknown
configure: warning: tclsh was found, but tclConfig.sh could not be
configure: warning: Either your Tcl install was too old to be usable,
configure: warning: or tclsh doesn't know where it's supposed to live.
configure: error: Use --with-tcl or --disable-cyradm, or fix your Tcl

Is there something particular with the Debian tcl packages? According to
the documentation on cyrus, this should work for Red Hat.

Please cc your reply directly to me,

Thanks a lot,


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