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new hard drive mounting to /home

im purchasing a 16.8gig new ibm deskstar HD.. and am partitioning it
like this:
8gig VFAT Win32
4gig VFAT Win32
4gig  Linux Native

what i wanna do is mount the linux native part to /home/  while keeping
all the current files in /home/ in tacked, and having all the user
privelages and stuff remain the same.. so that everything works
can anyone tell me the best way to do this?
i was thinking among the lines of:
tar -vcf  home.tar /home/
rm -rf /home/
mkdir /home
mount /dev/hdb3 /home
tar -xvf home.tar

will that work?
then what files would i have to edit besides /etc/fstab? well plz let me
know remember i wanna keep all permissions and that in tact,


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