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Xfree86 instalation problems

Pozdrav !

I have some problems during the configuration of Xfree86. I'm guessing that
problem is in video card and monitor configuration. I have ATI 3D
Xpression+PC2TV 4MB and ADI ProVista E44 15" monitor. I chooseright video
card prom the card list and enter the right horizontal and vertical
frequencies numbers and when I click on DONE then when he tries to do
whatever he needs to, I wait for a minute or so, and all I get is black
screen, then I do alt+f1 and it says something like 'unable to connect to x
server' and then he tries one more time but with the same results. What
should I do?
I installed xserver-mach64, vga and svga xservers with dselect.
/etc/X11/Xserver exist line with /usr/bin/X11/XF86_Mach64. What is debian
distro? Could anyone send me a copy of his own XF86Config file if has the
same or so card as I have? I tried to copy XF86Config file in /etc/, which
I created a long time ago with MiniLinux and it worked there, but I just
couldn't, like I haven't even write cp ... Yes, I'm logged as root. Where
can I, if neccessery, downoad newer version of Xfree86, and how do I know
which version do I have?

Thanx a lot !

P.S. another question. I had kernel version 1.3 and I succesfully upgrade
it to 2.0.33, but as I am booting linux from floppy disk on which is old
kernel, how do I create a new floppy disk with the new kernel?

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