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Re: I've got a problem installing a new Graphic Card (ELSA Gloria Synergy)

Hi, Andrea

> This card use the 3DLabs PERMIDIA 2 Chipset and I don't know how 
> to run an X server from the debian 2 distribution. 

there is no applicable X server in debian 2.

> I know that XFree86
> 3.3.3  provide a new Xserver for 3DLabs Chipsets but where can I find
> the Debian Package for it ?

there is packaged XFree 3.3.3 on Debian Japanese cite, but i think
it is packaged for slink (debian 2.1)

> There is other possibilities for me to run an Xserver without the new 
> version of Xfree86.

just go to ftp.xfree86.org, grab precompiled X server
for linux_glibc (X3DL.tgz?), get SVGA server from the
distribution, replace X server in /usr/X11R6/bin with
X3DL and that's it. Well, XF86Config you'd have to
set by hands...

works for me

> Thanks
> Andrea Zennaro



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