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Re: [PB] a quiet sound blaster


You might have a cdrom installed.. But I suspect it is on an IDE channel
rather then on the IDE channel on the soundcard? I am not sure on AWE32
cards, but I know the AWE64 has no ide cdrom controller. So hence my card
would have no sure CDROM entry in the ISAPNP.CONF file.

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From: Didier Verna <verna@inf.enst.fr>
To: Debian User List <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Tuesday, 29 December 1998 21:02
Subject: [PB] a quiet sound blaster

>* My generated /etc/isapnp.conf look also very much like the example
>  from a missing ->CD ROM<- entry, which is surprising because I know I
have a
>  cdrom connected).

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