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Re: dpkg-multicd

Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> I installed the dpkg-multicd package, but I don't see how to use it to
> install from multiple cd's.  I have the cheap bytes cd set with main,

Please refer to /user/doc/dpkg-multicd/readme.txt.gz to find
out how it works.

The multicd rules doesn't work on regular disks.  It can only work
properly with special multicd cds.

> contrib, and non-free on separate disks.  Is dpkg-multicd supposed to
> let me flip disks as required, or does it assume that I have 3 cdrom
> drives?  In the access section of dselect I can't specify the same

multicd lets you flip the cds.  It doesn't provide multiple cdrom
drives.  This could be achieved by regular methods - or by apt or



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