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Re: installation frustration

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Bill Newman wrote:
 > I'm an experienced Linux user. I just tried to install Debian on my 
 > Toshiba 225CDS. It was not a good out of the box experience.
 > I ordered the most recent CD Cheapbytes had -- 2.0 (hamm).
 > Booting from the CDROM fails -- the console announces that Linux is
 > being loaded, but then the system suddenly reboots itself, starting
 > over from self test, etc.


I had the same problem on a laptop.  You need to use the Tecra kernel image,
which is on the Cheapbytes CD.

If you are installing on a Toshiba Satellite, have a look at my website:



Anthony Campbell  -  running Linux Debian 2.0
acampbell@achc.demon.co.uk  http://www.achc.demon.co.uk

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