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fortify for Netscape version 1.3.2-1 available

Hello and Merry Christmas...

non-US incoming is read-only, so I haven't able to upload the new
fortify version to it. In the meantime you can find it from my ftp


1.3.2 adds support for Netscape 4.08 only, if you use netscape
4.07, 4.5 or older you can use fortify-1.3.0, available in slink
from debian-non-US mirrors.

Fortify is a program that provides world-wide, unconditional, full
strength 128-bit cryptography to Netscape. It does this by binary
patching a copy of Netscape.

Roberto Lumbreras
e-mail: rover@lander.es, rover@etsit.upm.es, rover@debian.org
PGP: id 143BE391; B4 E2 73 BA 63 BF 55 EE  FE E8 32 32 69 9E BF 47
Lander Internet, Madrid-Spain-UE; http://www.lander.es

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