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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #1511

> I recompiled my kernal to support two chips. When I went through
> the make config i did not see any thing that looked like it might belong
> to the iso9660 file system. I need this fs to mount my cdrom.
> I looked in /proc/filesystem and sure enough iso9660 was not there. Also
> looked at the modules file and found cdrom.

I rebuilt my kernel a while ago, and my new kernel accesses the CD-ROM
just fine (as did the old).

I know very little about kernel configuration, but I notice that this
appeared in the configuration file for my new kernel:


I assume that if this line were absent, my kernel wouldn't have CD-ROM
support.  And perhaps your kernel configuration is missing that line.
So here's what I'd try, if I were you:

* Re-run whichever tool you use to edit the configuration, and look
  again for the ISO9660 option.  It might be in a section called

* Failing that, just edit your configuration file (sorry, I forget the
  file's exact name, but it's almost certainly at the top level of the
  kernel source) and add that line.

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