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Re: sending mail : how does it work ???

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 frleg@infonie.fr wrote:

> On my system, I have sendmail and fetchmail installed. procmail package is installed but
> I am not sure that it run (I can't see procmail when I do a ps -a). 
> If I am offline and I send mail, they are save in /var/save/mqueue. 
> What soft have to send them when I am on-line ? (procmail ?) How does it know if it can send 
> the messages ? Can I lost the message if I disconnect while this mysterious software is
> sending the messages ?

 For me, when messages are on queue and I go online, mail are
delivered after some seconds ... probably it depends from a timeout of
sendmail (i don't know). I think that if you execute "runq" mail will be
sent quickly.

> As you can see, I am far away from being a linux guru !!! So, any help would be appreciated.
 So do I ! ;)

 Best regards and a Mery Christmas,
   Nuno Carvalho  

   Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
 Dep. Informatics Engineering
    University of Coimbra

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