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limit of mutt

hello debians!

i ran into trouble with mutt - where is the maillimit?

my situation:

i rewrote my procmailrc, then i refilter my collected mail (mostly from
debian ;-) with it -- that works great

but than, i´ve wanted to view into my debian-devel-mbox 
mutt ran and ran -showing "sorting mail" (the swap-space decreased so i´ve  
added a swapfile) - after waiting about three hours i killed mutt (the 
processor ran idle)

then i´ve tried it with another comp over nfs -- this time it worked without

the mbox was about 90megs big

the first comp. had 16mb ram, 32mb swap and 80 mb swapfile

the second (nfs), had 64mb ram 64mb swap - no swapfile

i know the first is underpowert, but the time in this case doesn´t matter
(i´ve wanted to split the mbox) and i´m confident that such will work ;-)

in meantime i´ve done all work with the second-option 

here´s my question:

had this been a problem of mutt or only of resources??

hope, i´m not too pushing, it´ just for info

pleas excuse my bad english

until next mail ;)

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      :       student of technical computer science        :
      :  university of applied sciences krefeld (germany)  :

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