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Re: 64megs to 192megs of ram

Sean wrote:

> Actually, even the kernels up to 2.1.129 need the append line added to
> lilo.conf.  I'm running a PPro machine with 128MB of ram, and unless I add
> the append line under kernel 2.1.129 top only reports 64MB present.

On an AMD K6-233 with 128MB RAM, running Hamm under kernel 2.0.34, I only see 64
MB RAM available with 'free'. I compiled a 2.0.36 bootdisk and noticed two

1) on boot, I noticed a message of an INT13 doing a memory probe
2) 'free' reported the full 128.

And this was with no repeat no lilo.conf append line. My AMD boots Winborg98
unless I leave the bootdisk in the drive (which I'm doing more and more often
these days...).

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