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Re: WP 8 problem

> The "free" download version is in fact _very_ useful for anything 
> is plain text/tables/etc so long as you don't need equations or 
> capbilities.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

> However, it would have been fair dealing for Corel to make the true
> limitations clear beforehand. I think that in ALL European countries
> people pay by the minute for phone connections, and getting WP8 cost 
> at least $5 (equivalent).

Once again, right to the point.

> I don't think Corel were straightforward about this. Their Web page 
> the download was a "Fully functional word processor" (which it isn't,
> even compared with WP-5.1 -- i.e. equations, though you can still 
> grahics e.g. jpeg); and that the commercial version would include in
> addition "Advanced drawing and charting applicationsd with online 
> -- no mention of equations, and "Advanced" suggests that "Basic" 
> and charting applications would be available.

Corel has done exactly as one should have expected. They published a 
fully functional word processor, which didn't contain any of the fancy 
things one can expect from a full-fledged office suite of apps. Corel 
stated those facts in a way that makes you want to download the 
program, test it for yourself, and when you find that those things you 
nned to be really productive (for the college student I am, doing it's 
physical sciences studies, equation handling is a required thing). The 
fact is, Although it's a full-fledged word processor, WordPerfect 8 
for linux is intended to promote the sales of Corel's WordPerfect 

Now that this is said and done, I'd like to add a last thing:

It's free guys. You don't have the right to complain. YOU made the 
decision to download it, and pay the phone bill. It's not Corel's 
fault. And if you aren't used to being 'tricked' (this is hardly a 
trick, but anyway) like that, you aren't living in the same world I 
am. EVERY single company in the world wants you to pay them. They are 
going to use all tricks possible, and permitted by law. Even giving 
you freely a powerful app as WordPerfect is.

BTW: I have nothing against Corel, I downloaded WordPerfect 8 and I am 
pretty satisfied of what it is. It is what I expected all along, 
something to make them earn even more money. You can't be unaware of that.

Christian Lavoie
UIN: 947212

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