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Re: Why does 16 bpp look the same as 24 bpp?

On 20-Dec-98 Ben Collins wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 20, 1998 at 10:54:52AM -0700, Rick Macdonald wrote:
>> Can anybody explain this? I would have thought that 65K colours would
>> _not_ look as good as 16M!
> Logic would tell you this, but in fact 16bit and 24bit isn't very
> discernible from a human standpoint especially for simple photos.

True enough, for 24bit vs 16bit.

However, don't forget that some apps will refuse to run in 16bpp
(e.g. WABI will run only in 8bpp or -- using wabiprog-2.2D -- also
in 24bpp; but WABI will NEVER run in 16bpp). So if you use these apps
and want more than 8bpp (and there is a hell of a difference between
8bpp and 16bpp) then you have to use 24bpp.


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