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exim mail to certain sites fails

Recently I've been trying to get exim set up in the hopes of
getting more versatility than can be had using Netscape for
mail.  However, I find that while choosing eximconfig option
2 worked fine with no tweaking at all, for mail to some
destinations, mail to some sites disappears every time,
without any error messages (Neither from other sites, nor in
my exim log, which records successful delivery to my ISP). 
Mail sent with NC4.x arrives reliably at all test
destinations.  I have 2 different versions of Debian
installed on different partitions of this pc, and the exim
mail problems are the same with both.  I have tried to
simplify the test by sending one msg cc'd to several
destinations, and this results in the same consistent
failures to some sites and success to others.

Any suggestions?

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